Poopy McPoopersen

Acupuncturists are probably more comfortable chatting about poop than most other groups Mr Hankeyof people. . . or poople, if you prefer. We talk about poop. A lot. And we do it for the same reason that archaeologists look through ancient garbage dumps and investigators look through dumpters: you can learn a lot about someone by looking at what they discard.

In TCM school we learn what healthy crap looks like, what unhealthy crap looks/smells like, and what to do about it. But we aren’t the only ones who delve more deeply into our own shit. There are other perspectives to health and it’s good to see them because your patients certainly do. . . or doo doo, if you prefer.

The link below takes you to Kim Carr’s Crazy Sexy Wellness page. Read her article about poop to enhance your own education and so you can give your patients some great tips about how to improve the health of their bodies and their poop….because sometimes you need to offer them something besides just herbal prescriptions.

Kim Carr’s Scoop on Poop

Cat’s Bonus Tip

If you type :poop: into a comment line on Facebook it puts in a very cute little shit after you hit return. You’re welcome.


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  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful laugh…at the honest truth about acupuncturists!! 🙂

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